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This is the central project wiki space for Phase 2 and subsequent Phases of the Internet2 Collaboration Platform development.

Project Overview

Develop and evolve an Internet2 Identity Access Management (IAM) system, based on the InCommon Trusted Access Platform middleware, for Federated access and authorization to Internet2 resources both internal and Community-facing.  A goal is to streamline processes and workflows for collaborations and business activities dependent on those resources.  Google social identities are included via the Cirrus Gateway for those who do not have a Federated identity and require access to collaborative resources.

  • Phase 1 was completed in August 2018 with the primary objective of transitioning the Confluence wiki space to have identities and associated authorizations to be managed by the collaboration platform.
  • Phase 2 will roll out a number of new user features and include integration of additional components to provide a richer Identity Access Management capability.  New features will go to product via Continuous Integration (CI) in small upgrades and new user application milestones.
  • Collaboration Platform Support, Operations and Identity Management roles and responsibilities will be identified as part of Phase 2 include more sophisticated user Authorization and Entitlement management through groups.


Project Team and Roles

    • The goal is to break down the project roles such that small groups can focus on development, testing and operations tasks for which they are SMEs for efficiency.   All decisions/outcomes will be open and shared with everyone.
    • T & I Architects have primary responsibility for identity architecture, planning and development and TSG for operations and support with a model that will likely evolve over time as the platform expands to include additional services and provide value to groups across Internet2 and the Community.
    • RACI (in progress)


    • Regular architectural project planning and development meetings happen weekly with additional weekly scrums to be scheduled in March 2019 to plan Continuous Integration from Development to Staging and Production, review support issues, and provide brief updates on the planning status.


User Documentation

User Facing Documentation


Currently Un-published

    • Collaboration Management (This is an entry point for the initial pass at user documentation to help users manage their own collaborations)
    • Pages Not Being Used (These are additional pages that are are not ready for open publication but are great starting points)

Project Documentation

Communications Plans


Roadmap / Project Plans

Internal Technical Documentation

Phase 1 Resources

Phase 1 Development Documentation

Phase 1 Overview Documentation