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Attending: Michael Gettes, Ted Hanss, Mark Johnson, Chris Phillips, Sean Reynolds, Brett Bieber, Mike Erickson, Laura Paglione, Mark Scheible, Dave Vernon

With:  Kevin Morooney, Ann West, Steve Zoppi, Erin Murtha, Elaine Alejo

InCommon Fee Increase Discussion

There was a comprehensive discussion about the proposed InCommon fee increase and how to approach the community.

Value Proposition

This will be very different from today’s value proposition for TIER and InCommon, and needs to be relevant to someone who is less familiar with InCommon, which in many cases includes those who approve the invoices. It should focus on capabilities and solutions, rather than software and components. We are struggling with this content.

This is not as simple as TIER going away. Other dynamics include:

  • Change in Shib support

  • Competition from commercial service providers (e.g. Amazon) and ensuring the relevancy of the models. What are campuses doing to solve immediate needs?

    • Chris Phillips can help with a deeper dive on this. CAF has been discussing this.

  • Dependency on community developed software

  • Federation will be a critical factor and important value proposition. It is infrastructure and it enables collaboration across institutions

  • This is NSF-funded software, coming out of the community, helping to solve local problems. Our premise is that one day you will need this help

  • Much like supporting a network, there has to be data standards evolving.

  • Should we be speaking more about the cost of federation services and less about the tools that may help someone to participate in the federation?

    • Shib could be substituted at a point in time, but the federation will have the energy and sustainability and ability to plug in something else.

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