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Trust and Identity Program Advisory Group Meeting - April 9, 201

Kevin recapped the service portfolio review (Nov - Jan meetings) and the business model review from Feb/Mar.

There was a broad discussion of the T/I commercial sector and what our role/position might be.

There was a broad discussion of the best way to use the face-to-face time at the Global Summit (2-5 pm PT on Sunday, May 6). (AI) The PAG should review the trust and identity gap analysis that was presented at TechEx, discuss what is in scope for the near-term future (and what is potentially out of scope), and continue to present ideas for pathways to generate review to close the gaps.

(AI) Kevin, Klara, Ron and Sean will discuss communicating with the RUCC (and potentially other groups) to askabout what they hope to learn from the T&I slot in the executive track at Global Summit.

Next Meeting - Sunday, May 6, 2018 - Global Summit F2F - 2-5 pm PT

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