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COmanage 1.0.2 Compared to the TIER Entity Registry Requirements

  • COmanage Registry 1.0.2  (note: Handle (some) Gaps via a plugin architecture of Comanage, some however are not solvable in this manner per Benn O)
    • Lacks public APIs by which System of Records can 1) notify the Registry of persons that are new to the SoR and 2) persist relevant SoR-sourced person information in the Registry
    • Currently Account management is a POC only,  more effort seems to be required to move this past the POC stage
    • .  external vs internal provisioning needs to be expanded and enhanced
    • Batch / File Processing :  inbound formats able to be defined as a future feature... currently lacking in following areas:
        • administration

        • capability for proxy/delegate on attribute of self service out of box

        • bulk loading  - half way there

        • enterprise vocabulary at UI - needs noodling and review.

      • Person

        • lifecycle

        • mulitple roles

        • self selcted netid (not available)

        • data privacy - considerations  (not there)

        • enroll via console operation then HR or whatever bringing those together have opportunities to improve

        • MatchingId

        •  Proofing - what is to be tracked, VO typically not doing this, role to credential management maybe

      • Provisioing

        • Basic LDAP provisioning exists but does not support custom extensions
        • Github

        • Changelog (JSON)

        • Event/Messaging probably need to be established

      • Reporting (giant Gap)

      • Scaling

        • Database likely OK

        • out of box UI has opportunities for improvement

      • Audit and Change Log

        • Human readable Change log to each entity

        • Perform a copy on write that happens on each update. With limited change a point in time view could be created.

      • Database Support is not robust

        • Support for Oracle not there

        • MS Sql Server not there

        • ...