Project Overview:

UMBC has been involved in supporting and advancing middleware and identity management since the year 2000, when we were one of ten universities selected to be part of the Internet2 Early Adopter program.

For UMBC, the early adopter program was transformative in that is demonstrated the importance of identity management.  UMBC has invested and used identity management as key component of our institutional technology strategy. UMBC was one of the first fifty universities as members of InCommon, one of the first universities to participate in the Certificate program, one of the five universities to go through the InCommon assurance program, one of the early adopters of Duo, and more recently one of the early investors in TIER. At UMBC, we believe in the power of community, and we feel that TIER is essential to advancing the InCommon community.

Our goals for joining this program are threefold: First, UMBC would like to migrate our mature Shibboleth infrastructure to make use of the TIER deployment model. Second, we believe in Grouper and intend to make Grouper a core component of our group access control strategy. We will do this by implementing Grouper using the TIER containers. Along with that effort we will replicate, via Grouper, our campus portal groups into Google groups. Third, we designed our identity infrastructure without an intermediary identity registry. We are very interested in moving to midPoint and revamping our identity architecture. Our proof-of-concept will be to roll out midPoint for the management of our adhoc guest accounts.

Organization Summary: 

UMBC is a mid-sized public research university located just outside of Baltimore and 30 minutes north of Washington, DC. UMBC emphasizes science, engineering, information technology, human services and public policy at the graduate level. Our student body is comprised of 12,000 undergraduate students and 3,000 graduate students.

Key Area(s) of Interest: 

  • Shibboleth IdP and SP
  • Grouper Access Management Software
  • Entity Registry, such as midPoint

Contact Information:

Primary Campus ContactTodd Haddawayhaddaway@umbc.edu410-455-2854
ManagementTodd Haddawayhaddaway@umbc.edu410-455-2854
Project ManagementTodd Haddawayhaddaway@umbc.edu410-455-2854
Communications ContactJack Suessjack@umbc.edu410-455-2582

- GrouperChris Sutherinchriss@umbc.edu410-455-3327
- ShibbolethPaul Riddlepaulr@umbc.edu410-455-3678
- MidPointJason Griegojcgriego@umbc.edu410-455-3962

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