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Statement of purpose

The true value of eduroam increases with its ubiquity. Having eduroam in every primary and secondary educational institution, library, and public space would boost the value proposition of the service immensely but also poses a difficult scaling issue for Internet2. Regional networks and community anchor institutions present a unique and powerful partner with which Internet2 could address that scaling issue. At the same time, that partnership will make those institutions more valuable to their connected members.

To this end UETN and Internet2 entered a program pilot in which UETN purchased eduroam for its members with a single contract and took on portions of the service delivery. The pilot ran through 2019 and concluded in December of that year. Since then UETN has determined that it will continue with its efforts to deploy eduroam at the K12 level as well as its work with state and local institutions to make eduroam available on mass transit and in public spaces. Internet2 is in the process of forming a program which can be joined by additional Regional Networks. 

Goals for the Pilot

The primary goals of the pilot were:

  • Deploy a wide scale implementation of eduroam targeting a set of defined UETN k12 institutions

  • Based on experiences develop a case study to be presented to UETN’s board and broader Regional community. This case study will articulate the vision of the role eduroam plays in the regional portfolio and the value that it provides

  • Use lessons learned during pilot to develop an informed business model for UETNa more robust Regional eduroam program

  • Develop a document repository. This body of knowledge will be used  to enable smoother program onboarding for Regionals and service onboarding for their members

  • Develop a support analysis and training model for on-boarding new regionals

With the completion of them pilot UETN and Internet2 are in the process of assessing the outcomes and will share those with the eduroam connector community. 


Document Repository

Participant Resources

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