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Suggested Strategies to Better Support Groups


  • Use a collaboration management platform (CMP)

    • Increases efficiency in setting up and maintaining the group, as one list of names (sometimes compiled via an email invitation process) can be fed into multiple tools (Sympa and Confluence, and hopefully in the future a scheduling tool).

    • The LARPP project has used the COmanage CMP

  • Standardize procedures for setting up a wiki space for a new WG.  (Done, new working groups are at top level in spaces wiki.  Must be listed on the InCommon WG Home Page  or TIER WG Home Page)


  • Collaborative Scribing

    • Leads to more accurate and timely notes, as they are compiled and reviewed by the group in real time

    • Collaborative scribing (with Google docs) is being used successfully by the Grouper Working Group, the Technology Exchange 2015 Trust & Identity Meeting Planning Group, and the MFA Interop Profile WG.  Has also been successful at the ACAMP Unconference


  • Establish/Maintain a spreadsheet of community members (and their interest/expertise) willing to serve on working groups.

    • Benefits include:

    • Provide a clearer pathway to involvement

    • Lead to a more broadly engaged community

  • Help avoid a small group of people getting tapped repeatedly

  • A tool for new leadership development

  • Archive Strategy - David Walker is developing process/proceudres

    • Maintain metadata

    • Be sure all is easily findable both during and after the working group

    • Should be linked from home base here


  • Suggested Tool Strategy - need to work on procedures

    • Standard Tools (Sympa, Confluence, Edial)

    • Supplementary Tools, Box vs Google Docs , etc (highlight Pros and Cons)



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