This is a sample working group agenda, You can cut and paste this and customize it for your working group call. Reminder, be sure to place the agenda in the scribing Google Doc.


InCommon <name of group> Working Group Call

Day of Week, Month ##, Year

Time, timezone

Connection details

<Edial or BlueJeans info goes here>


Link to Collaborative Scribing Google Doc

Link to the working group wiki



Roll call / welcome 

Internet2 Intellectual Property Framework  Reminder

Agenda bash

Action items from previous calls (list them here in the agenda)   

First topic

Second Topic

Third Topic

Reminder: Include links to resources to be discussed

Round Robin (good to have on agenda for calls when you might not use up all the time; it gives a chance for community members to learn from each other)

Action Item Review

Next Call: Day of Week, Month ##, Year, Time, timezone

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