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  1. Test user fills out form (

  2. Smartsheet add info to backend, sends email to eduroam-support and (

  3. Internet2 confirms requestor is affiliated with organization, has appropriate role within organization

    1. If “yes” to both of the above proceed to step 4

    2. If request is clearly spurious (e.g. students requesting testing, inappropriate organization types, etc) info is deleted from the Smartsheet

    3. If there are reasonable questions as to eligibility of the requestor or the institution, Internet2 follows up with them. If conditions are not met, request is deleted. If conditions are met proceed to step 4.

  4. Internet2 creates an opportunity for “Eduroam Evaluation”

    1. Set as “closed/won”, start and end dates match date tester signed evaluation agreement.

    2. If needed, create Account for institution

    3. If needed, create Contact for institution

  5. Internet2 creates an “Eduroam Evaluation” service engagement record in Salesforce

    1. Set “Service End” for 90 days out from request date   

  6. Smart Sheet sends email to requester with link to peering request form, cc’s

  7. Anyroam contacts tester, provisions their service.

  8. Anyroam sets up automated reminder messages for tester. Messages include links eduroam subscription page.

  9. If tester doesn’t begin contracting process, Internet2 sends final message to tester stating the service is being turned down, encouraging them to contact us if they would like to move forward with contracting

    1. I2 emails Anyroam at the end of testing and asks for connector to be turned down.

    2. Internet2 closes “Eduroam Trial Use” service

    3. Note: There may be extenuating circumstances under which Internet2 will extend testing, hence they initiate turn-down. Anyroam won’t turn off/deprovission tester until explicit request comes from I2

  10. If tester does join eduroam

    1. See eduroam intake procedure document for a new Connector Agreement

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