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Program Documents

UETN/Internet2 eduroam Pilot for Utah K12s

Technical Documents


Document TitleAuthor(s)Revised
Regional Partner GuideAmanda Burns/UETNsee document header
NPS setup for eduroamScott Harpster/UETN
Admin Interface GuideAmanda Burns/UETNsee document header
AP Setup for eduroamUETN
ChromeBook Configuration for eduroam Scott Harpster andJosh Kleinke/SEDC, Pete Kruckenberg/UETNsee document header
Aruba Clearpass 6.7 service template for eduroam Aruba NetworksPosted here 7/18/19
Configuring Cisco ISE for eduroamCisco NetworksPosted here 7/18/19
How to deploy eduroam on campusGÉANTsee document header
EAP Server Certificate considerationsGÉANTsee document header


Document TitleAuthor(s)Revised
Help desk best practicesGÉANTsee document header

Note to Regional partners:

If you would like to submit a document to share with the public the following must be included: author, contact info for author, date of revision. If using Google docs please ensure it is not publicly editable.

Note to users of participating Regionals:

If you do not see documentation that you need, or if there is a change you'd like to propose to an existing document, please contact your Regional network.

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