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Program Documents

UETN/Internet2 eduroam Pilot for Utah K12s

eduroam Program Pilot report for 2019

Technical Documents


Document TitleAuthor(s)Revised
Regional Partner GuideAmanda Molinari/UETNsee document header
Best practices guide for eduroam implementersAmanda Molinari/UETNsee document header
NPS setup for eduroamScott Harpster/UETN
Admin Interface GuideAmanda Molinari/UETNsee document header
AP Setup for eduroamUETN
ChromeBook Configuration for eduroam Scott Harpster andJosh Kleinke/SEDC, Pete Kruckenberg/UETNsee document header
Aruba Clearpass 6.7 service template for eduroam Aruba NetworksPosted here 7/18/19
Configuring Cisco ISE 2.1 for eduroamCisco Networkssee document header
Configuring Cisco ISE 2.2 and 2.3 for eduroamCisco Networkssee document header
How to deploy eduroam on campusGÉANTsee document header
EAP Server Certificate considerationsGÉANTsee document header


Document TitleAuthor(s)Revised
Help desk best practicesGÉANTsee document header

Note to Regional partners:

If you would like to submit a document to share with the public the following must be included: author, contact info for author, date of revision. If using Google docs please ensure it is not publicly editable.

Note to users of participating Regionals:

If you do not see documentation that you need, or if there is a change you'd like to propose to an existing document, please contact your Regional network.

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