This page lists ACAMP Logistics. 

  • When planning the ACAMP,   
    • specify to meeting services how many rooms are needed
    • Request a flipchart for each breakout room
    • Request two of the breakout rooms have a projector
    • All ACAMP rooms, including the agenda setting room , should be set up with round tables.
    • Develop proposed schedule for the ACAMP based on overall TechEx program (done for 2018)
    For 2018
        - Agenda setting room for about 200, breakout rooms 30-40,
          - Agenda setting on Thursday morning and short Agenda setting on Friday morning 

  • Be sure we have chocolates for the final thank yous at ACAMP  -  


  • Set up a separate google doc for scribing each ACAMP breakout (there are five breakouts during each time slot  generally there are 35-40 in total).

  •  Ask meeting services the names of the rooms to be used for ACAMP 
    • For 2018 ACAMP in Orlando

      • Agenda Setting and Wrap-Up Room

        • Java Sea

      • Breakout Rooms
        • Oceana Grand Ballroom 4 (Projector Setup/Flip Chart)
        • Oceana Grand Ballroom 5 (Flip Chart)
        • Oceana Grand Ballroom 8 (Flip Chart)
        • Oceana Grand Ballroom 9 (Flip Chart)
        • Banda Sea 1 (Projector Setup/Flip Chart)

  • Develop the main ACAMP wiki page with the schedule and links to all of the docs.
  • Update these two wiki pages with current year info:  
  • Update the Word Doc corresponding to those 2 wiki pages. Dean should have the original Word Doc

  • Ask meeting services if big easel pages can be taped to walls of main room and for the hallway outside. If not, be sure enough easels are ordered.
  • If there will be a pre-seeded intro  to ACAMP session, such as run by KenK and KeithH for past few years, be sure we have asked them if they agree to do this. 

  • Be sure the TechEx Program ACAMP pages all include pointer to the ACAMP wiki page. For example
  • During TechEx
    • Dean include tips and tricks in nightly updates
    • Talk to Marie about grid making (DEAN)
    • Make the big grids (one for each ACAMP timeslot) on Easel size sheets.
      • On the grids, have one rectangle for each room
      • indicate which rooms have projectors
      • Sometimes we have an extra easel page for "parking lot"
    • On ACAMP agenda setting morning, the empty grids should be in the room and taped to the wall (or displayed on separate easels if the venue does not allow things taped to walls). 
    • Put on each ACAMP table, 
      • Sticky notes
      • Sharpies
    • Flywheel should check each of the breakout rooms on morning of ACAMP start to be sure they have the right setup. 
    • Also if they are challenging to find, need to be sure hosts (Ann and Tom) are prepared  to explain to the participants where they are
    • Ann and Tom welcome everyone and  lead the agenda setting
      • Special things (for ACAMP closing 
      • Reminder NO breakfast on Friday
      • Reminder, if KeithH and KenK agree to run Intro to ACAMP session at the 1st breakout, then put a sticky for that in the appropriate slot ahead of time.
      • Ann and Tom, remind everyone if they are leader for a breakout, they MUST have a scribe identified before starting the discussion. 
      • Ann and Tom,  Encourage people to scribe as a vital    way to help the community
    • Once agenda for the day is set, a flywheel quickly updates the wiki with the names of the sessions for the day's agenda.   Dean and Elaine
    • Then move paper agenda to a common place around the breakout roomsFly

    After agenda setting on Thursday, collect the pens and sticky notes from the tables. Put them out again on the tables on Friday morning before the agenda setting. This prevents risk that conference center maintenance people will throw them out.

Closing ACAMP Session   

  • Evaluation of how was ACAMP
  • Thanks yous
  • Special Recognitions -   
  • Acknowledge WG Chairs -
  • A few weeks after ACAMP,  
    • email the list of attendees,
      •  thank them for participating,
      •  inform them that the Google docs will soon (provide a date) be made VIEW ONLY and they should complete any last minute additions to the notes. 
      • Follow thru at chosen date to make the scribing google docs VIEW ONLY


 Note on restructuring wiki: Dean suggests  we create a main ACAMP wiki page and move all of the previous year’s pages under that main page.  Seems like a good idea.

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