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Welcome to the Signet Privilege Management System Wiki

Project Status

The Signet project is no longer actively supported by the Internet2 Middleware Initiative. See the Signet project status page for more information. Project mailing lists and code repository continue to be available.

Signet Product

Signet Project

     Open viewing. Editing restricted to the Signet Developers.

     Open viewing. Editing restricted to Signet Working Group members.

Signet Product & Documentation
The Signet Product space, with the latest software and documentation.

  • Signet v1.3.0 is available.
  • For the manager, sysadmin, and applications developer
  • Intended to house the overview and more technical documents regarding the production release of Signet.
  • Find the current or previous versions of the Signet software.
  • Signet's official website

The Signet Working Group
The Signet Project space, with the design and development work of the MACE-led Signet Working Group.

  • Intended to house items beyond the convenience of the mailing list.
  • Contribute your campus' software, documentation, use cases here.
  • Storage for Member presentations, detailed documents, proposals, etc.
  • Signet Working Group - project web space
  • Minutes - notes from the WG bi-weekly conference calls (outside the wiki)
  • Privilege Management Survey(August 2008)


Request Permissions

    For editing access within the Signet space, you will need to first obtain a registered username/password:

  1. Please sign up with your email as your username, and
  2. Notify Steve Olshansky <steveo AT internet2 DOT edu> of your request; Steve will then enable your access to these pages.


Core middleware services such as identity management, directory, and authentication provide a foundation for secure, manageable applications throughout an institution. Even with this foundation, as systems and applications proliferate it becomes more and more difficult to manage user access consistently and cost-effectively. A privilege management service is a relatively new component of campus middleware that addresses this problem by providing centralized management of user privileges across a range of applications.

The benefits of this service include:

  • a standard user interface for privilege administrators
  • consistent, simplified policy definition, via roles and integration with core campus organizational data
  • improved visibility, understandability, and auditability of privilege information
  • standard interfaces to other infrastructure services and to application systems to support integration

The maintenance release of Signet v1.2.2 offers the following fixes & changes:

  • Ability to specify the default Privilege type selection in the UI. See comments in /signet/config/ for more information
  • Added History record creation when editing a Proxy
  • Added Subject AuthId tooltip (mouseover) to Subject Search result list in the user interface
  • ... and much more!

Leading-edge development and use of privilege management systems at some campuses have both proven the feasibility of these systems and provided valuable understanding of technical and organizational prerequisites. The Signet Project intends to build on these successes to permit more institutions to take advantage of this useful service.

NOTE WELL: All Internet2 Activities are governed by the Internet2 Intellectual Property Framework.

Working Group Flywheel: Steve Olshansky - Internet2

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Development of this software was supported with funding from Internet2, Stanford University, and the NSF Middleware Initiative (NSF 02-028, Grant No. OCI-0330626). Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation (NSF).

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