Welcome to Yourtown.   We are a small but thriving community upstate away from the big urban areas along the coast.  We take pride in our effective use of on-line tools to improve government services and promote a sense of community, using modern technologies that provide users with both security and privacy.

There are four areas that content is provided in:

*** Access to general information and the unauthenticated Internet user

        Services in this area include tourism information, public information from Yourtown agencies and departments, local advertising, etc.  No authentication or attribute release is involved.

  • Tourism information
  • Public information from Yourtown agencies
  • Local services and advertising

*** Privacy preserving but access-controlled services and content, available to any Yourtown citizen

This area is the center of our on-line democratic services.  Topics include

  • The community discussion forum
  • Neighborhood watch programs

*** Privacy preserving but access-controlled services, available only to authorized Yourtown citizens

This area implements privacy-preserving gated communities. It contains content and services that are limited to authorized users. Within each service, users are not personally-identifiable.

> Bidder conferences for public projects

        > Weather Spotter reports

    • Submit a weather spotter report


*** Identity-based services, such as building permits, tax information, etc. for Yourtown citizens

        This area contains services such as requesting building permits, registering to vote, checking on property tax reports, etc

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