From: mary hodder <>
Date: Wed, Feb 24, 2016 at 3:14 PM
Subject: Two examples of good design process for usability

Here are two sites / articles that document a design process that led with usablity:
1.  UK gov identity project:
Their target user is the general public, but see this for a hint at their thinking:
"We tried different versions of the video until we found the best combination of information and length.
"It was successful - people who watched the video had better understanding, and were far more confident and comfortable with the process.
"However, when we launched the trial version of GOV.UK Verify, we could see in our statistics that very few people watched the video. We also knew there would be situations where people would simply not be able to watch it (for example at work, without being able to listen to the sound).
"So we investigated a new solution that wouldn't rely on video: a set of slides to give everyone the key points step by step. This is a design pattern used by many mobile apps, and recently web sites too...."
2. OIX UK:

Again, the general public were the "users" but still very interesting read on usability leading the design process.



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