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Areas of Work Going Forward


  •    API's, Policy Languages and Development of Code
    • Finalize components, flows and API's
    • Develop working code
      • stand-alone consent as a service
      • coupled to a Shib IdP
        • controlling an integrated set of token issuing protocols
    • Develop the consent event record and notification services
    • Develop architectures and interactions with OIDC and OAuth


  •    Informed Consent Support
    • Identify the major information needs for the UI, including graphics, information dialogues, histories, minimal and required attributes, etc
    • Identify sources for information feeds, including metadata, well-known URI and software statements,
    • Deciding content/complexity relative to Refeds discussions, etc.
      • fields, graphics
    • Friendly name/value translation

  • Adapting PrivacyLens to the new internals
    • Replumbing PrivacyLens to the new internals
    • Adding UI components to reflect new internal capabilities, such as off-line consent, limited delegation,
    • Refining UI in response to feedback and new research


  • Enterprise Management Services
    • Configuration Support
    • Measurement
    • Security
    • Audit Log Management
    • Local application metadata integration
    • Others

  •   Deployment Discussions
    • Relating to IdP v3 consent
    • Relating to GDPR and the proper/improper use of consent - GDPR and Consent
    • Planning documents and discussion groups
    • Help desk issues
    • Facilitating inter-institutional discussions on deployments
  • Internal I2 resources
    • Communications
    • Represent to external constituencies


Scalable Consent Communication/Activity Plan Scalable Consent Communications Plan.pdf


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