Internet2 Network Security Special Interest Group Charter


Network-based threats that can disrupt the operation of networks, and the hosts and services they connect, have become more sophisticated, potentially more harmful, and profoundly more challenging to mitigate. The Internet2 backbone, its members’ regional and campus networks, and the wider Internet, provide both attack vectors and targets for these network-based attacks. These threats put our members’ ability to support teaching and learning, research, and collaboration, at risk, as well as sensitive institutional and personal information. In short, they can disrupt nearly all member activities. The SIG will provide a point of organization around which our community can best address these threats.

Mission and Scope:

The WG seeks to:

  • Improve community awareness and understanding of network-based threats, and their implications.  Coordinate responses to these threats in a manner that benefits Internet2 members.
  • Engage in formal and informal collaborations with Internet2 members. These collaborations may include research, pilot implementations, standards development, policy development, etc.
  • Assist Internet2 in developing threat mitigation services that can serve its members.
  • Involve members and Internet2 on discussions regarding adding formality to the existing security controls, building a deliberate set of controls and layers to the security perimeter, and becoming more proactive in monitoring for potential attacks to increase the overall security of the R&E ecosystem.
  • Participate and advise on mutually beneficial standards such as MANRS and RPKI.


SIG participation is open to all Internet2 members. The SIG envisions a range of participants from individuals learning about network-based threats, to highly structured collaborations that may include teams from multiple members.

We welcome you to join our listserv!


We were formerly known as the Internet2 Security Working Group.  We have converted to a Special Interest Group as of May 2021.

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