Documents produced by the Working Group that have passed through Community Consultation

Documents produced by Working Group that are currently in DRAFT form


Executive Summary (excerpt taken from the Final Report)

Criteria Document

  • The ‘Criteria Document gives a Service Provider (SP) a high level overview of existing principles and standards, that when reviewed and followed as part of their onboarding process into InCommon, will ensure their application is able to maximize interoperability, user experience, and security within the InCommon federation.


  • For those SPs that need additional assistance or guidance with the ‘Criteria Document’, the Questionnaire can be used as an interactive guide that walks the SP through the adoption of the material.  This walkthrough style guide provides context, tips, and helpful resources to help an SP develop a better understanding of the criteria and assist them with criteria adoption.

Primer Document

  • As a backdrop to the ‘Criteria Document’ and the ‘Questionnaire’, the ‘Primer Document’ was created to help onboarding Service Providers understand core concepts such as ‘SAML’,‘InCommon Aggregate’, ‘Shibboleth’, and ‘Metadata Exchange’.  Giving the SP the prerequisite knowledge they need to better understand the terminology, concepts, and best practices within the ‘Criteria Document’ and ‘Questionnaire’.


For questions or feedback on any of the above documents, please don't hesitate to reach out to us:

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