Metadata providers

The application can generate a metadata-providers.xml configuration appropriate for use in the Shibboleth IdP. There are 2 ways to access this configuration: through a web endpoint or a file.

  1. Web endpoint

    A request can be made to the ${ui.baseUrl}/api/MetadataResolvers to get the current configuration

  2. File export

    A file can be periodically written to disk. Set the application property, pointing to a spring file resource. Note that there is no value set by default, and nothing will be written out by default. A file, once defined, will be written every 30 seconds by default. To change the rate, set the shibui.metadataProviders.taskRunRate application property, in milliseconds.

Docker considerations

If writing the file out, one should use a mount in the docker container for the destination. While a bind mount might be easiest, if running on a Windows host, one might run into problems. This is easily avoided by using a volume instead. Refer to for more information.

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