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  • all hands call - 2012 03 30
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Fri 30 Mar 12
1p EDT / 10a PDT,MST

+1-734-615-7474 (Please use if you do not pay for Long Distance)
+1-866-411-0013 (toll free US/Canada Only)


  1. Keith
  2. Bill T
  3. Bill Y
  4. Jens
  5. Benn


  1. Update from the Phoenix f2f
  2. SOR to Registry (and perhaps other identified APIs: groups, instrumentation, etc)
  3. Name discussion/strategy
  4. Review action items
  5. Next all hands: Fri 4/13 1p EDT / 10a PDT,MST


Action Items




  1. Schedule next all hands call/meeting - Benn (tick)
  2. Develop a template for any OSIdM4HE presentation at any conference - Hampton?
    1. A couple of common intro slides
    2. "Banana Diagram"
  3. Find out if there is space for any OSIdM4HE content in the Net+ track - RL Bob
  4. Look into setting up a BOF at EDUCAUSE - Renee
  5. Reach out to Chris Phillips - Jens with RL Bob
  6. Set up page in wiki to track presentations at which conferences and also link to common template - Hampton
  7. Follow up on Access Management submission for Jasig - Keith, Benn
  8. Add license conversation to StratOrg agenda
  9. Joint Provisioning-Registries inbound conversation via calls/email and then f2f - Keith
  10. Fire up naming subcommittee
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