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  • all hands call - 2012 03 16
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Fri 16 Mar 12
12n EDT / 9a PDT,MST

+1-734-615-7474 (Please use if you do not pay for Long Distance)
+1-866-411-0013 (toll free US/Canada Only)


  1. Benn Oshrin
  2. Jimmy Vuccolo
  3. Renee Shuey
  4. Eric Westfall
  5. Rob Carter
  6. Bill Thompson
  7. Bob Morgan
  8. Bill Yock
  9. Jens Haeusser
  10. Hampton Sublett
  11. Lucas Rockwell
  12. Keith Hazelton


  1. I2 Update - RL Bob
  2. Update from StratOrg, and discussion
    1. Contract to develop marketing materials - Hampton
    2. March Phoenix Mini-f2f - Hampton
    3. Outreach at various upcoming conferences - All
    4. UCB/UCSF BSD vs Apache 2 licensing concerns - Lucas
  3. Update from Registries, and discussion - Renee
    1. Registries
    2. Identity Match
  4. Update from Provisioning, and discussion - Rob
    1. Best Practices
  5. Update from Access Management, and discussion - Keith
  6. Shared Services workstream - Bill Y
  7. OSIdM4HE / O4


  1. Shel is new VP for Net+ services, starting May
  2. RFQ for developing marketing materials went out for bid
    1. Joint response from Unicon and rSmart was the best bid
    2. Materials desired for April 20, prior to Kuali and I2 meetings
    3. f2f planned for 3/25-3/27 to help flesh out details for the RFQ
  3. Conferences
    1. I2MM
      1. General overview 30 minutes in shared session
      2. paccman session 20-30 minutes
    2. Kuali
      1. Community meeting, Bill Y working with Jennifer F to set up a special meeting
    3. Jasig
      1. Keith, Hampton: Overview Session
      2. Keith: Provisioning
      3. Eric, Dedra: Registries
    4. EDUCAUSE Security Professionals
      1. Bill T and Renee will be there
      2. Perhaps a BOF?
    5. Canadian Higher Ed IT Conference
      1. Jens will be at Jasig
      2. Chris Phillips perhaps?
    6. BCNET - Benn
  4. Licenses
    1. UC constrained to BSD or ECL, unlikely to be able to contribute to projects under Apache 2
    2. Need for a general conversation on licenses in StratOrg
  5. Registries
    1. Identity Match products being looked at, Venu from UCB setting up demos
    2. Registries products evaluation begins this afternoon, will run for a month or so
    3. UC schools evaluation could be a useful thing for other schools to look at in doing their own research
    4. 1 product? multiple products? Depends on if they meet different needs. (Emphasize standards and interop.)
    5. Update on registries for conferences would be good
  6. Provisioning
    1. Really a data integration effort, recipe/cookbook
    2. Documenting use cases (eg: CMU)
    3. Capabilities vs tech timeline
    4. Need for conversation with Registries group on standard APIs
  7. Access Management
    1. Grouper and KIM are both suitable teams
    2. Working on generic APIs
    3. Workflow needed as a supporting technology
  8. Shared Services
    1. Console/Monitoring/Reporting/Auditing capabilities
      1. UCSF starting to think about common UI/console
    2. QA/Testing support, etc
    3. Paid for by "tax"?
  9. The name
    1. Continue to fob
    2. Continue to use OSIdM4HE
  10. Biweekly calls at 10am PT/1pm ET, 1 hour starting 3/30

Action Items

  1. Schedule next all hands call/meeting - Benn
  2. Develop a template for any OSIdM4HE presentation at any conference - Hampton?
    1. A couple of common intro slides
    2. "Banana Diagram"
  3. Find out if there is space for any OSIdM4HE content in the Net+ track - RL Bob
  4. Look into setting up a BOF at EDUCAUSE - Renee
  5. Reach out to Chris Phillips - Jens with RL Bob
  6. Set up page in wiki to track presentations at which conferences and also link to common template - Hampton
  7. Follow up on Access Management submission for Jasig - Keith, Benn
  8. Add license conversation to StratOrg agenda
  9. Joint Provisioning-Registries inbound conversation via calls/email and then f2f - Keith
  10. Fire up naming subcommittee
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