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Jill Doe is a high school junior; she hears about Brown's summer programs; she goes to the Continuing Education web site and registers; she comes back later, searches, finds an interesting course, and registers; she is accepted; she "matriculates"; she atends; she finishes.    

Jane Doe is a high school senior; when a Brown Admissions Officer visits her school, she attends a session, and gives her email address to the Officer. She begins receiving regular SPAM from Brown.    

Jane Doe decides to apply for admission to Brown. She goes to the Admissions web site, fills in the Brown Supplement, and submits it. She goes to the Common Application web site, fills it out, and submits it.    Brown snail mails her a userid and initial password.

Jane is now able to login and see those portions of the Brown student portal that are visible to applicants.    

Jane Doe has matriculated as a student. Consequently, her affiliation changes from Applicant to Student; this removes some of the Applicant-related privileges from her identity and adds a number of student-associated privileges. Her group memberships are updated.    

Jane Doe arrives on campus, to begin her studies. She gets her Brown issued ID card.

Jane's parents decide to pay her bills. Jane goes online, sends them an invitation to view her bill (email to their google account). They open the email, and click the url in the email. They are grated access to Jane's bill.

Jane's parents decide to attend Parent's Weekend. They are staying at the Brown Inn. Building access, access to wireless, any protected info for parents for the weekend ?    

Jane meets with her academic advisor, selects her courses, and registers for those courses within the Banner system.    (This adds her to the groups for all of her courses.)

Jane goes to Student Activities night, and signs up for the Outing Club. (This gets her added to the adhoc group for the club. This is used primarily for email.)    

Jane goes to the first meeting of the Outing Club. She shows so much interest and enthusiasm that she is elected an Officer of the Club. (She is added to the Officers group; it has additional rights.)    

Jane gets a campus-based job, working for the Watson Center. (THis gets her added to the HR system; a STAFF Affiliation is added to her record in the Person Registry.)    

Jane stops working for the Watson Center. (The STaff Affiliationis removed form her record in the PR.)

Jane goes online, and begins to investigate the online resources her Sociology 101 professor has made available. (Access is granted because of her group membership.)

Jane decides that she doesn't want to take Soc 101. She goes to the Banner system, and drops that course.     (She is automatically dropped from the course group.)

Jane registers for Poli Sci 101, and immediately gains access to the materials for the course.    

Jane completes semester one (and gets added to the Alum system, and uses it once). (Another Affiliation value added in the PR; Jane is added to the feed that is pushed to the Advance system.)

Jane graduates from Brown. Email transition. Affiliation changes. Access to alum content at EBSCO. (GAE account moved from to; account in KDC closed; account in KDC opened; previous permissions removed; alum permissions added.)

Jane becomes a BASC interviewer, interviewing applicants for the Admissions Office.    (given access to BASEC portion of Admission system.)

Jane becomes a Gradute student at Brown. Student Affiliation added back to her PR record. Added to various groups, and granted various permissions.

Jane completes her graduate work. Student Affiliation removed from her PR record. Dropped from various groups.

Jane continues a work relationship with her thesis advisor.    Her advisor sponsors her for an Affiliate account; PR record updated. Account manually granted various permissions.

Relationship ends; affiliate account closed.

In january, Jane is hired by Brown as an Assistant Prof. She will officially start her new position on July 1. She is added to the Faculty Information System. Her PR record is updated. She is granted some permissions, less than regular faculty.

On July 1, Jane officially starts her new position. PR record updated. Host of permissions granted.     

Jane becomes a member of the Futures Institute.    (Added to various groups.)

Jane starts a research project; she will need to use the Brown Digital repository. She fills out the form requesting a "space". (Space mgmt Permissions manually granted to her.)    

Jane becomes the official Graduate Student Advisor for her department. This is recorded in the new FIS, pushed to the Person registry, which adds her to various groups and gives her Role-based access to the Admissions Application for graduate students.    

Jane logs in to the Faculty Gateway, sees her new course, enters some descriptive and syllabus information, goes the "services" screen, and ebnables several services that she plans to use to support the course.    

Jane logs into the Faculty Gateway, selects her course, and adds Tom as a TA and Joe as an Auditor.    

Jane gets married, has a child (submit info to Alum Magazine?)    

Jane's child grows up, and applies to Brown. Track relationship, parent get any special access ?    

Geoff applies for a job at Brown.    

Geoff is hired by Brown. On his first day….    

Geoff is the Project Leader for a new CIS project.  He goes to MyProjects (a variant of the faculty gateway). He clicks "New project", and names the Project.. He creates a new Group; membership is the project team. Roles are assigned to various team members. He goes to the Services screen, and enables several services to support the work of the work.    

Geoff accepts a new position in Admissions.    

Geoff logs in to the Admissions application, but is told that he needs an LoA 2 credential in order to act as an Admissions Officer.    

Geoff resigns his position at Brown.    

Bio-med hires Geoff as a Consultant, doing the same work as before, and with the same privileges as before.    

Jane Smith registers to attend a conference at Brown. She supplies her EPPN value. She is automatically added to the conference group. This gives her access to the syllabus and online materials and services.    

Jane Smith arrives on campus for her conference. Building access and wireless access ?    

Jane Smith's conference ends, and she leaves Providence.    

Oscar has been hired into the Network Services Group. Based on his dept/title pair, he is automatically authorized with the Remedy ticket system to see and handle network related tickets.    

The Registrar enters a new course into Banner, and identifies Jane as the Instructor. This information is sent to the IDM system. Jane is added to the appropriate Groups; the Groups Registry notifies the Provisioning system of this change. In the operational directories Jane is identified as the Instructor for this course.    

Michael Brown (a researcher at Brown) has just had a project funded by the NSF. He asks CIS to set up a standard VO infrastructure for him.    

Michael goes to the dashboard he uses to manage his research VO, and enables several applications to support the work of his new VO. He creates several groups, and assigns them permissions with the VO.     

Michael goes to the NSF FastLane site to manage his grant. He logs in using his Brown credentials, but is told that his credentials aren't "strong enough". He must get an LoA 2 credential from Brown.    

John Smith from Cornell registers at Brown, using his Federated Identity; he sends an email to Michael Brown (a researcher at Brown) to let Michael know that he has taken this step. Michael goes to the dashboard he uses to manage his research VO. He adds John to various groups with the VO (which gives John various permissions).     

Mary Brown from CCRI also wants to join Michael's VO at Brown. CCRI does NOT have a Federated infrastrcuture, so Mary has to use her social identity. She registers at Brown, using her Google Identity; she sends an email to Michael Brown (a researcher at Brown) to let Michael know that he has taken this step. Michael goes to the dashboard he uses to manage his research VO. He adds Mary to various groups with the VO (which gives Mary various permissions).     

Tim Smith is a Project Leader; a Consultant has been hired to support the Project. Tim goe to the Accounts Office Web Site, clicks "Request an Affiliate Account" and enters the Workflow system. He fills out the form, identifying the Consultant. He clicks SUBMIT, and the request is forwarded within his dept. An authorized person in his dept approves the request; it is forwarded to the One Card Office. The Consultant presents herself at the One Card Office, presents identifying information, is issued a Brown ID card, and given a Brown ID number. The Consultant goes online, and activates their account. Tim manually adds the Consultant to various groups, which automatically grants the Consultant various privileges.        

After one year, Tim receives an email asking if the Consultant account is still being used. He clicks a url in the email, selects YES and clicks SUBMIT; the renewal request is forwarded to an authorized person in his dept. That person approves the request, and forwards it to the One Card Office. They update the Consultant's entry in the PR, with a new renewal date of one year out.

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