Cloud Scorecard Implementation Phase Working Group

Description & Constitution

The NET+ Cloud Scorecard Launch Working Group represents the research and education cloud community in developing, implementing, and maintaining the Cloud Scorecard and associated projects. The Working Group is established for a one year term and may be extended or reconstituted.


Membership of the Working Group is by invitation by the NET+ Cloud Services Director with guidance from the NET+ Program Advisory Working Group  (PAG). Working Group members may be removed by Internet2 at any time for any reason.                                        

The Working Group should consist of between seven and thirteen members chosen to ensure reasonable representation of diverse organizational perspectives and to provide reasonable representation of various areas of expertise and perspective:                                    

  1. Universities and Colleges, both large and small
  2. Research and scholarly communities
  3. Commercial cloud vendors, both large and small
  4. Organizations using the Cloud Scorecard or have expressed interest in using the Scorecard
  5. Community subject matter experts in areas of focus for the Cloud Scorecard
  6. Internet2 Staff 

In addition, the Working Group may invite Subject Matter Experts to join them to advise on and support its work.                                       


The duties of the Working Group are to:                         

  1. Ensure scorecard project, including the cloud scorecard directory, is being implemented in alignment with the community recommendation.
  2. Support evangelization of the cloud scorecard.
  3. Provide Internet2 feedback on directory development and administration.
  4. Provide advice and support for future web applications.
  5. Review feedback on the questionnaire and directory.
  6. Review recommendations for new questions and modifications to existing questions to the scorecard questionnaire.
  7. Support development of a sustainable contribution model to support the community effort and directory administration.

Membership Expectations

Working Group members shall:                                        

  1. Regularly participate in monthly meetings and e-mail discussions.
  2. Cover their own costs incurred as a result of participation, including the expectation of attending at least one face-to-face Working Group meeting per year.
  3. Maintain strict confidentiality of information shared about the development of new services or capabilities.
  4. Disclose any conflicts of interest and recuse themselves from associated discussions.
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