This page is for Internet2 NET+ staff creating wiki pages for NET+ services

Adding a new NET+ Service/ SAB page using the template

Link to the NET+ Services and Advisory Boards Directory wiki page (it is one level above the page you're looking at now). Then use the instructions below to create a new page.  (Caution: If you create a new wiki page from the top of this page, it will be positioned wrong in the wiki hierarchy.)

At the top of the NET+ Services and Advisory Boards Directory wiki, click the dot dot dot (...) to the right of "Create"

This dialog will display.

Click the NET+ NAMEOFSERVICE template (there is only one, so this is optional) and then click Create at bottom right .

A new wiki page will display.

Give the new wiki page a name such as NET+ AWS

Click Publish

 Customize the new wiki page for the NET+ service



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