The quota management sub-working group of the Cloud Storage Working Group has focused on the creation of a set of best practices and documentation for common scenarios such as universities planning to use Google Workspace for Education long-term, move away from Google, or maintain a hybrid environment.

The group comprised more than twenty universities and was led by Justin Zemlyak of Indiana University and David Barks of the University of Maryland, College Park.


We held a webinar session on April 11th, 2023 and covered approaches your peer organizations are taking about the various approaches your peer organizations are taking for Quota Management and get access to the resources this workgroup is making available to benefit the higher ed community. Speakers included: Justin Zemlyak, Indiana University, Chuck Boeheim, Cornell University and John Kelly, University of Notre Dame. Here is the presentation used in the webinar on April 11th

Quota Management workgroup email

Resource Google Workspace admins (especially new ones) should be aware of/sign up for

Deprovisioning of Accounts Presentation from 4/6 webinar session

What Counts as Storage

Overview of Google Storage - 5 pages 

Buy More Storage

Workgroup Participants:

  1. Justin Zemlyak, Indiana University - LEAD
  2. David Barks, University of Maryland College Park - LEAD
  3. Amanda Caton, Lehigh
  4. Annette Aquino, Arizona State University
  5. Chris Clements, San Diego State University 
  6. Christina Gomez, UW-Madison
  7. Chuck Boeheim, Cornell University
  8. Dana Voss, Internet2
  9. David Karnowski, UW-Madison
  10. David Severance, University of California, Irvine
  11. Dianna Betts, Cornell University
  12. Jake Burggraff, Arizona State University
  13. Jed Rogge, University of California, Irvine
  14. John Entrup, Cornell
  15. John Kelly, Notre Dame
  16. Josh Casper, University of Minnesota
  17. Justin Booth, Michigan State University
  18. Justin Hendrix, Virginia Tech
  19. Kyle Cooper, Rice University
  20. Lee Alexander, University of Illinois - Urbana
  21. Marc Cougle, Rice University
  22. Matt Deal, North Carolina State University
  23. Philip Reinhart, New York University
  24. Sabila Husain, Harvard University
  25. Steve Nguyen, University of Minnesota
  26. Steve Sobiech, North Dakota State University
  27. Tim Champ, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

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