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From Instructure Support

Despite our best planning and predictions, Instructure’s Tier 1 Support is seeing unprecedented volume throughout Fall 2020. We understand this is frustrating for our clients and are actively taking steps to decrease wait time and improve the customer experience.

Global Support Measures

  • Planned for 300% of Fall Start 2019 volume, actual results closer to 480%
  • Continually recruiting and hiring additional support staff
  • Adjusting staff schedules to better support during peak times
  • Training for both new and experienced support agents to ensure quality responses
  • Bringing partners on to help with the increased number of requests
  • Assembling internal experts to help answer support questions in the queue
  • Ramping up Canvas Coaches to provide more help in the Community
  • Live streaming to address the top drivers of support requests: Quizzes,​ ​Gradebook, Assignments,​ ​Cross List Sections,​ ​Importing Course Content.
  • Pulling forward a self-service beta tool for customers interested in implementing early
  • Individual customer plans focused on top ticket drivers

Individual Customer Measures

  • Review of top ticket drivers and potential measures for addressing specific ongoing issues
  • Clarifications in KB’s around non-Canvas based issues
  • Livestreams and/or Office Hours aligned to specific drivers
  • Implementation and/or customization of IVRs for phone traffic routing
  • Self-service tool implementation
  • Targeted email campaigns to assist with distribution of training content

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