The Data Migration sub-working group of the Cloud Storage Working Group comprised more than ten universities, and was led by Hellen Zziwa of Harvard University and David Cavalieri of University of Colorado, Boulder.

The sub-working group focused on the development of requirements for Data Migration tools to assist universities in migration of data from Google Workspace for Education to other cloud based platforms or on premise storage solutions. The requirements were incorporated into a Request for Information issued by Internet2 in February of 2023 to gain a better understanding of the products and services offered by Service Providers to facilitate data migration. Join this session to learn about the top data migration vendors selected with help from your peer organizations and the next steps for bringing them into the NET+ program

Providing cloud-based solutions to meet the Higher Ed community needs is one of the driving missions for the Internet2 NET+ program. In order to ensure new cloud services meet community needs and NET+ program standards, cloud providers undergo a robust, community-led evaluation process. The Internet2 Data Migration RFI resulted in the selection of three providers of data migration technology:

Please contact Dana Voss if you are interested in helping with the evaluation for any of the three solutions above.


We held a webinar session on April 20th, 2023 ET and covered the various approaches your peer organizations are taking for Data Migration and also shared the results of the Internet2 Data Migration RFI. Speakers included: David Cavalieri, University of Colorado, Boulder, Hellen Zziwa, Harvard University and Kyle Cooper, Rice University. Here's the presentation used in the webinar on April 20th

Data Migration workgroup email

Workgroup Participants:

  1. Annette Aquino, Arizona State University
  2. Dana Voss, Internet2
  3. David Cavalieri - CU Boulder - LEAD
  4. Hellen Zziwa, Harvard - LEAD 
  5. Jake Burggraff, Arizona State University
  6. John Entrup, Cornell
  7. Josh Casper, University of Minnesota
  8. Justin Hendrix, Virginia Tech
  9. Kitty Bridges, New York University
  10. Kyle Cooper, Rice University
  11. Kyle Kurr, UCI
  12. Marc Cougle, Rice
  13. Matt Deal, North Carolina State University
  14. Michael Balak, University of Minnesota
  15. Quyen Vaillant - Internet2
  16. Sabila Husain, Harvard University
  17. Steve Nguyen, University of Minnesota
  18. Steve Sobiech, NDSU
  19. Tron Compton-Engle, CWRU

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