Community Review

This consultation runs from December 16, 2020, to January 15, 2021.


The Cloud Scorecard Working Group invites you to participate in a consultation on the Cloud Scorecard Working Group Final Report.

The working group final report is a recommendation for the development of a cloud scorecard to help research and education (R&E) institutions quickly assess the degree to which cloud services meet common requirements for operating in the complex technology, security, compliance, and legal environments in R&E. The cloud scorecard will allow service providers to express their readiness within a series of dimensions that are widely used across R&E institutions. The scorecard will provide institutions with a first pass at evaluating prospective service providers, in an effort to shorten time to procurement and reduce duplication of effort.

Documents for Review/Consultation

Cloud Scorecard Working Group Final Report

What is a Consultation?

Working groups and advisory groups produce reports, recommendations, standards, best practices, and related documents. These are then provided to the community for review in the form of a consultation. In addition, policy and other documents developed by Internet2 Trust and Identity & NET+ division staff may undergo the community consultation process to gather broader input and awareness before becoming finalized.

Change Proposals and Feedback - We welcome your feedback/suggestions in the table below

Please add comments or suggestions directly in the Google Doc linked above. We ask that you please include your name and institution. If you have comments that do not lend themselves well to comments on the document, please email Tara Gyenis.

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