The Communication, Web Presence, and Change Management sub-working group of the Cloud Storage Working Group has focused on the creation of a set of best practices for communications and documentation for the transition from unlimited storage to a storage-mindful environment.

The sub-working group comprised more than ten universities and was led by Matt Klein of Cornell University. 

Links to resources: 

We held a webinar session on April 18th, 2023 and covered the approaches your peer organizations are taking for communications and web presence and get access to the resources this workgroup is making available to benefit the higher ed community. Speakers included: Matt Klein, Cornell University, and Sarah Noel, North Carolina State University. Here's a link to the presentation used during the webinar and the presentation transcript.

Cornell University

Status as of January 2023: Quotas imposed. Alumni terms under review. Current perspective is 15GB default for faculty, staff, and students and more can be requested. Alumni storage is slated to end July 2023 but individuals who already have alumni Gmail accounts can keep them. Google services will end for all future alumni the November after they graduate. Students and alumni can switch to Office 365 email if they want. 

Indiana University

Lewis & Clark College

University of California, Irvine

University of Minnesota

University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

University of Wisconsin - Madison 

Workgroup Participants:

  1. Amanda Pecora-DeFazio, Rutgers University
  2. Allison Oslund, Texas A&M University
  3. Annette Aquino, Arizona State University
  4. Chris Bard, Rice University
  5. Christina Gomez, University of Wisconsin - Madison 
  6. Dana Voss, Internet2
  7. Jake Burggraff, Arizona State University
  8. Katie McInerney, North Carolina State University
  9. Kellie Greaves, University of Minnesota
  10. Matt Klein, Cornell University - WORKGROUP LEAD 
  11. Monica McSharry, New York University
  12. Sabila Husain, Harvard University
  13. Sarah Bailey, University of California, Berkeley
  14. Sarah Noell, North Carolina State University
  15. Steven Nguyen, University of Minnesota
  16. Xanat Hernandez Alvarez, University of California, Irvine

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