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About the Cloud Scorecard and Institutional Profiles

The Internet2 Cloud Scorecard and the Internet2 NET+ Institutional Profiles are two tools that help research and higher education institutions discover, evaluate, and optimize cloud services that meet their security, compliance, and technology needs. 

The Cloud Scorecard is a self-assessment completed by the vendor using standards developed within the research and education community. Access the Cloud Scorecard Directory

The Institutional Profiles are service-specific profiles shared by the community to facilitate institutional collaboration and best practices around cloud services in use at peer institutions. Access the Institutional Profiles (currently open to subscribers of NET+ Canvas and NET+ ServiceNow).

Cloud Scorecard and Institutional Profiles Advisory Group

The Cloud Scorecard and Institutional Profiles Advisory Group includes experts from various fields and institutions who share a common interest in advancing the data-informed use and adoption of cloud services in the research and education community. 

The Advisory Group's mission is to provide guidance and feedback to Internet2 on how to design, implement, and maintain the Internet2 Cloud Scorecard and the Internet2 NET+ Institutional Profiles. The Advisory Group aims to ensure that these tools are relevant, reliable, and useful for the research and higher education community.

For questions or comments, please contact visit our webpage or email cloud-scorecard@internet2.edu. 

Current Advisory Group Members:

  • Jon Allen, Baylor University
  • Matthew D'Emilio, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Tom Dugas, Duquesne University
  • Melissa Loble, Instructure
  • Erik Lundberg, University of Washington
  • Loren Malm, Ball State University
  • Jeff Minelli, Penn State University
  • Sean O'Brien, Internet2
  • Jennifer Sparrow, New York University
  • Tina Thorstenson, Crowdstrike

Staff Liaisons:

  • Tara Gyenis, Internet2
  • Quyen Vaillant, Internet2
  • Dana Voss, Internet2

If you are interested in appointment to the Advisory Board, please review the charter.

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