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Welcome to the NET+ Cloud Scorecard Working Group wiki.

About the Cloud Scorecard:

Based on community feedback, Internet2 is developing a cloud services scorecard to help our members assess cloud services for compliance with higher education standards and needs. Using standards and best practices developed within the research and education community over the past 25 years, the scorecard will be a self-assessment completed by a vendor.  Institutions can use the scorecard standards in RFPs and also to benchmark or evaluate services against key criteria. This cloud scorecard will compliment existing capabilities and efforts within the Internet2 NET+ program. The goal is not to create new methods or standards for evaluating cloud services, but to provide a way of collecting vendor responses to their degree of adherence to existing standards and practices that the community deems important.

Working Group Charge:

The purpose of this group is to explore how to leverage the standards that have been developed and utilized in the NET+ program to assess and report on compliance of various cloud services. This group is tasked with drafting a white paper to:

  • explore whether there is a need for such an assessment/badging/scorecard activity
  • articulate the benefits to the academy and industry of such a program
  • recommend which compliance and contract areas would be subject to review under such a program and whether there are existing standards to use or whether new standards should be created
  • ways this process or program could be leveraged in other areas of the research and education community, particularly trust and identity
  • opportunities to partner with other community organizations to enhance this program (EDUCAUSE, regional networks, global NREN’s, procurement consortia, etc.).
  • share initial ideas for implementation of this process or program
  • share additional ideas this group develops during their work


Slides from August 26, 2020 I2 Online session on the Cloud Scorecard.

The recording of the August 26 session can be found at this link:

The draft scorecard questionnaire for service providers:

The questions from the December 2019 community survey on the Cloud Scorecard:

NET+ Scorecard Working Group Membership

Loren Malm - Ball State University (Chair) 

Jon Allen - Baylor University 

John Bailey - Washington University in Saint Louis 

Kitty Bridges - New York University 

Tom Dugas - Duquesne University 

Dana German - University of Virginia

Erik Lundberg - University of Washington 

Michael Ospitale - Stony Brook University

Scott Stremick -  University of Nebraska 

For WG members, links to agendas and minutes.

For questions or comments, please contact Sean O'Brien - Internet2 staff liaison - at 

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