Blog from April, 2022

The value of the NET+ programs goes far beyond the peer-vetted contract terms. Subscribers might come for the contract, but they stay for the community. Subscribing to a NET+ program is a powerful workforce multiplier and an extended higher-ed-focused knowledge base. Technology conversations with peers, technical deep dives on community-driven topics, service advisory boards, and conversations with education leadership at the service providers are all core to the NET+ experience. In the NET+ AWS program, we hold bi-weekly Technology Share calls, quarterly "Tech Jams," strategy-centered Subscriber Calls, and thematic Town Hall events. Topics covered at past Town Halls include Ransomware, AWS Educate & Academy, and Service Workbench & RONIN for researchers.

This month, in honor of Earth Day, we turn our attention to the environment. We welcome Hahnara Hyun, Partner Solution Architect, Amazon Web Services to present a session called Sustainability and AWS: Insights for Higher Education. In general, NET+ program events are only open to subscribers, but due to the importance of this work and this message, we are opening this session to the entire research and education community.

  • Title: Sustainability and AWS: Insights for Higher Education
  • Session Description: Digital Transformation can drive improved student outcomes, speed time to science, and increase agility within higher education institutions. Higher education leadership, responding to student and faculty demands, look to incorporate sustainability goals and practices into the university experience. In this session, we’ll talk about sustainability transformation, how we’ve been approaching it at Amazon and AWS, and actions higher education customers can take to incorporate sustainability into their digital transformation efforts.
  • Date: Wednesday, April 20
  • Time: 11am PDT/2pm EDT
  • Speaker Bio: Hahnara Hyun is a Partner Solution Architect for Amazon Web Services. Hahnara has a background in software engineering. She began her journey in tech at Fullerton College and received her Computer Science B.S. from the University of California, Irvine where she was an undergraduate machine learning researcher. She found her passion in enablement, sustainability, and cloud architecture. As a result, in her day-to-day role, she develops AWS GameDays to enable partners and customers to build on AWS. Hahnara is also a public speaker for AWS and ran sustainability enablement sessions at re:Invent 2021. In her free time, Hahnara plays volleyball though she’s not very good yet and loves to cook, losing most of her free time making multiple trips to the grocery store grabbing forgotten items.


The event has taken place. If you were unable to or would like to have the slides to follow the links Hahnara shared, you can find the recording, slides, and other assets in this folder.

We had a great EDUCAUSE Member QuickTalk | NET+ LastPass on 3/31/2022! Many thanks to Aaron Baillio, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), and Jonathan Killgore, IT Specialist, at the University of Oklahoma for sharing how they deployed NET+ LastPass on their campus. There were 57 participants on the call to listen and ask questions. EDUCAUSE QuickTalks, in-person conferences, and NET+ community events are a great way to learn about how your peers are solving problems on their campuses. 

During this QuickTalk, we learned how OU deployed NET+ LastPass with MFA enabled to almost 13,000 faculty and staff to help them better manage their passwords. Baillio and Kilgore also described engagement with students at the start of the semester to introduce them to self-service enrollment using LastPass to improve student password hygiene. As part of the initial project planning to deploy LastPass, they involved a broad range of stakeholders to identify the needs of their community.  Their deployment was more successful than they expected and didn’t result in many calls to their helpdesk. Baillio discussed one area of interest to many campuses, which is distributed administration. He described how they used the managed companies’ functionality to enable distributed administration with multiple different roles for Helpdesk, Endpoint Admins, departmental management, and others. One participant on the talk commented about how on their campus the families as a benefit (mentioned in the last NET+ LastPass program update!) helped them with gaining support for their deployment.

The recording can be accessed on the EDUCAUSE Member QuickTalk | NET+ LastPass webpage.

I also mentioned a NET+ LastPass program update blog post that was posted this morning when I gave an overview of the program. If you have any questions about the NET+ LastPass program, please feel free to reach out to me with any questions.