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Here are some recent items that community members have shared for using AWS in their higher ed environments:

Shelley Rossell from the Univerrsity of Chicago shares this useful document on Managing Guard Duty accounts with AWS Organizations. You can use this to name a GuardDuty master account for the organization and other accounts in the organization can be viewed and added as GuardDuty member accounts.

Shelley also shares a document from Amazon on how to use AWS SSO for easy authentication to the AWS CLI, which means that individual CLI users don't have to separately manage keys for access.

Aaron Hunnewell from the University of Virginia notes that he found this recent post on How to Manage AWS SSO Account Assignments in CloudFormation to be useful.

And Nathan Dors from the University of Washington has pointed us to this very useful example of how the UW is allowing AWS users to link Grouper groups to AWS roles.