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    • InCommon Certificate Manager (Paul/Nick Roy/Comodo)

    • Federation Manager (Paul/Nick Roy)

    • WorkDay (we'll need to find someone to contact)

    • LIGO (Scott Koranda)

      • Scott Koranda has asked and received from InCommon a mail list targeted at InCommon Participant “Government and Nonprofit Laboratories, Research Centers, and Agencies” organizations. He will in the next few days start a thread to try and get input from those organizations. If any input is received he will summarize and bring it back to this call.

    • Federal services (FICAM)

    • Intra-campus use cases (Dave Langenberg)

    • University System use-cases (Brett Bieber)

      • ERP systems shared by multiple campuses, e.g. PeopleSoft or SAP shared by University of Nebraska and Nebraska State Colleges, e.g. Nebraska Federation

      • Certain users of the ERP system may require MFA, e.g. users with access to edit or view PII of other individuals.

        • Students do not require MFA

        • Faculty or specific staff are required to use MFA

      • Users may have an identity in one or more IDPs, one or more of which, supports MFA

    • University System use-cases (cont) (Eric Goodman)
      • Same example as Brett describes, plus:
        • ERP system has the ability to do a local "stronger user authentication" function; perhaps MFA via telephony to a user's contact phone number.
        • System requests mfa-basic-level profile authentication (potentially conditionally based on function being access), but will accept a weaker authentication if MFA is not supported at the user's campus (invoking the local authn instead).
        • Individual campuses (and individual users) are expected to be provisioned to campus-managed MFA support on unaligned schedule, so ERP can't assume that all campuses (and users) CAN login using campus-managed MFA.
    • Federated AuthN to a single Grouper instance (Keith)
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