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  • Evolveum was contracted by Internet2 to develop TIER-Conformant Containers for the midPoint Component 
  • Evolveum is using the TIER package version of all TIER components that comprise the various demos
  • Project Status page
  • Guiding requirements for this project: TIER Docker Container Specification

TIER-Conformant Demonstration packages suitable for testing and evaluation

  1. Overview of Dockerized midPoint
  2. Simplest midPoint deployment
  3. midPoint + Shibboleth
  4. midPoint + PostgreSQL (instead of MariaDB)
  5. midPoint + external repository
  6. Integrated Demo Package with midPoint, Grouper, Shibboleth, LDAP, and RabbitMQ (AMQP)
  7. More details on the Integrated Demo Package (demo/complex)

External midPoint References

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