*** Read the Pilot Summary, Aug. 2015 (.pdf) ****

Pilot target constituents:   Initial population of one Wisconsin Technical College and one k12 school district.

Pilot Scope:   (2 IdPs / a WI Technical College and a small WI K12 school district)

Initial Pilot Goals:   Interfederate a technical college and a K12 school district for high school students taking dual credit and/or advanced standing courses at at the technical college.

Targeted start and end dates for initial pilot: The date for the technical implementation is October 15th.  The pilot implementation will be used with a small group of students that have CVTC coursework as a component of their High School education through May 15th,  2014.  After May 2014 a review with next steps for the pilot will be performed.

Post-pilot longer term goals:        Use as a communication vehicle, look for additional use cases in the initial pilot group, possibly expanding to more K12s in the area they serve.

Federation model selected for project: Interfederation of ADFS

InCommon Affiliate assistance/role in pilot:   N/A

Targeted applications or cloud services: (Canvas, InBloom, internal, etc.):  WiFi,  Filesystem and LMS access.

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