Below is the template to use for Pilot Summaries.

Please mail your summary to the list at  <> by Wednesday, July 15, 2015.

Pilot Summary Template


Pilot description
  • Target constituents and scope
  • Initial goal
  • Post pilot longer term goals
  • Federation model selected
  • Targeted applications or services
  • InCommon Affiliate assistance/role in pilot if applicable
  • Challenges encountered and how were they addressed
  • What did you spent or expect to spend?
  • Successes/Benefits
    • Overview of successes/benefits
    • Number of students/instructors benefiting from the pilot (please break out by level if applicable (K12 students/instructors versus community college students/instructors)
    • Include a "before and after" story or scenario if possible

Moving Forward
  • Lessons learned and recommendations to others
  • Plans for scaling beyond current scope
  • Next Steps
  • New challenges expected in moving forward
  • Other thoughts/reflections you would like to add
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