Pilot target constituents:   23 Public community colleges in the state of Ohio

Pilot Scope:   Initial scope will be 3-5 community colleges and 3 applications.

Initial Pilot Goals:   The Goals of the OARnet pilot are to enhance the classroom and online teaching in Ohio Community Colleges by increasing adoption of federated access to three key services: Library Access, State Board of Regents Student Services, and Roaming Wireless Network Access.

Targeted start and end dates for initial pilot: 7/2013-7/2014

Post-pilot longer term goals:        Community and technical colleges are a bridge between K12 educations and 4-year universities; the long-term goal of the pilot is to extend the benefits of federation down to K12 in order to provide a seamless transition process to higher education.

Federation model selected for project: Hybrid. Some IdP’s will be individually operated in a distributed mesh as part of the federation and will also be members of InCommon; there will also a central “IdP of last resort” for institutions not operating their own or institutions that are not members of InCommon.

InCommon Affiliate assistance/role in pilot:    Fischer International Identity will be providing IdP services to constituents who need assistance with IdP setup/operations

Targeted applications or cloud services:

  1. Library Access: Federated web-based access to the OhioLINK library network via SAML
  2. State Board of Regents applications: Federated authentication incorporating the Ohio Statewide Student Identifier (SSID)
  3. Shared roaming wireless: Federated, authenticated access to wireless networks across all participating Ohio institutions using the Eduroam model
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