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Marketing Email, Sent on Jan. 9, 2014

TITLE: The Quilt / InCommon Workshop Information

Want to hear how the future of K12 Federations is unfolding? Interested in how you can influence the direction? Come join us for a one-day workshop in La Jolla, following the Quilt Member meeting. The workshop will feature in-depth discussions with peers about next steps for federation at the Regional level, including best practices and potential new pilots.

At this free workshop, Quilt members will:

- Hear about the progress made by our eight federation pilots to extend InCommon Federation Services to K-12 (and potentially other CAIs) in collaboration with regional networks. Understand their challenges and successes and most importantly their lessons learned and the value proposition for K12 and other constituents.

- Discuss the new draft Regional/InCommon Federation Partnership Models whitepaper recently released. Participate in the shaping of these ideas, where they should go and what works best for your organization and constituents.

- Learn about the InCommon Corporate Affiliates, how they contributed to the Pilot Projects and what they may be able to do for you.

- Leave the workshop with an understanding of the next steps and how the work will continue beyond the February workshop.

For more information about InCommon and Federations, watch the webinar "Introduction to Federations and InCommon" at  or read Background Information for Regional / InCommon Collaboration at

Workshop Registration: You will find a separate registration line item for the workshop

Hotel Information

** Reservations must be made by Monday, January 13, 2014 to receive the group rate**

Jennifer Griffin
The Quilt
Program Coordinator

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