Quilt InCommon Pilot from MCNC

2015-07 Pilot Summary (.pdf)

2014-02-06 See the MCNC Pilot slides presented at the 2104 Quilt InCommon Federation Workshop

2014-02-04 SRT Update:  DCCC IdP's ability to authenticate users to a test MCNC SP is now monitored 24x7 by Nagios 

2014-01-24 SRT Update:  DCCC recently joined InCommon and their IdP was published as of today.  MoodleRooms SP publication is still in process.

2013-1107 MAS/SC Update: MCNC Pilot Summary (pdf)

2013-1031 SRT Update:  The IdP has been introduced to the Metadata from DCCC's Dev/Test MoodleRooms SP and logins are successful! (Hopefully near-term) steps TBD are to:
1. Get DCCC officially into InCommon
2. Publish DCCC's IdP and MoodleRooms SP (perhaps both test and prod) within InCommon MD
3. Soon after that, the expectation is Davie County Schools and Davidson County Community College students will be about to log into DCCC's MoodleRooms instance.

2013-1029 SRT Update:  DNS records have been repointed to the GSS. So failover protection is now visible to the outside world.

2013-1024 SRT Update:  Redundant VMs with Davidson CCC's IdP are now being monitored by MCNC's GSS 24x7 to failover DNS as needed in case the primary IdP becomes unavailable

2013-1018 SRT Update:  Redundant instances of Davidson CCC's IdP are now running.

2013-1010 SRT Update:  Davidson CCC's test IdP now has an SSL cert signed by a publicly known CA (Digicert) that is valid through January 2017.

2013-0924 SRT Update:  Davidson CCC's test IdP is now accessible to the outside world (after iptables config change).

2013-0920 SRT Update:  After suitable twiddling with IdP config files, Davidson County Community College's initial test IdP is now running  :)

2013-0904 SRT Update:  Davidson County Community College's initial test IdP is *almost* running.  Still working through Microsoft AD-specific issues that are described near the bottom of this page:  <https://wiki.shibboleth.net/confluence/plugins/viewsource/viewpagesrc.action?pageId=4360523

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