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Note that this page has been deprecated. The information it contains is no longer current.

InCommon is conducting a proof of concept for SIRTFI (Security Incident Response Trust Framework for Federated Identity). This is the first step toward supporting a global incident response system for research and education trust federations.

With the ever-increasing and evolving cybersecurity threats, and our increasing interconnectedness through eduGAIN, federation operators need a way to quickly collaborate in the face of a security incident. One compromised account at an institution can provide access to a multitude of services around the world. SIRTFI provides a framework for an effective coordinated response in the event of an incident.

SIRTFI stipulates preventative measures and identifies organizations that are capable of participating in a coordinated incident response. Federation participants that comply with SIRTFI are marked in the federation’s metadata, raising the bar in operational security across the federation. A very good explanation is available at .

Once the proof of concept has been evaluated, we anticipate encouraging all InCommon participants to adopt the SIRTFI framework. In the future, we expect this will become a requirement for federation participation.

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