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  • Research and Scholarship Application Form for Identity Providers
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Application Form for the R&S Category for Identity Providers

To have your IdP list support for the Research & Scholarship (R&S) Category, an executive, site administrator, technical contact, or some other responsible individual should complete and submit this web form. Be sure to read the following documents before submitting this form:

Questions? Please send email to with "R&S Application" in the subject line.

The name of your organization is the same as the OrganizationName in metadata.

Your entity ID is the same as the entityID in metadata.

Does your organization’s IdP support REFEDS R&S Entity Category and release attributes to global R&S SPs without administrative involvement (i.e., either automatically or subject to user consent)? [Your answer must be Yes to comply.]

Specifically what user attributes does your IdP release to R&S SPs?

Is your deployment of eduPersonPrincipalName non-reassigned?

Which user affiliations are covered by your R&S attribute release policy?

A copy of this application form will be sent to this email address.

What is your affiliation with this service (executive, site administrator, technical contact, etc.)?

* Response required

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