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Note that this page has been deprecated. The information it contains is no longer current.

Location of Community Forum

The Community Forum is at

If this is your first time accessing the forum, please read the information below first.

InCommon will use the Internet2 Community Forum for questions, comments, and answers concerning eduGAIN participation.

Accessing the Forum

  1. Browse to the forum (, select your organization, and sign in.

  2. If you successfully log in but cannot access the forum, there may be an attribute release problem. We have created an attribute release page that will show you the required attributes and the attributes your identity provider is releasing. Attribute release problems will need to be resolved locally.*

  3. If your organization is not on the discovery page, you can use our Google Gateway or create an Internet2 SiteID for access.

Using the Forum

  1. Look for the heading “InCommon and eduGAIN.”

  2. Under that heading, you will see two categories: “eduGAIN Policy Discussions” and “eduGAIN Technical Discussions.” Choose the appropriate category.

  3. Review the discussions within the category to see if there is already a discussion topic that relates to your question.

  4. If there is an existing topic, you can add to that thread. If not, you can create a new topic.

  5. Moderators (both InCommon/Internet2 staff and community members) are watching the forum and will respond.

*One easy way to release the necessary attributes is for your identity provider to support the global Research and Scholarship entity category, which will also enable access to a variety of collaborative services for faculty, staff, and researchers.

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