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Holiday Technology Checklist 2014

ANNOUNCEMENT: Reduced Metadata Signing Operations

Mark your calendars! The Internet2 offices will be closed from 12:00pm ET, Wednesday, December 24, 2014 to 8:00am ET, Monday, January 5, 2015. No metadata processing will occur during this interval except during the following two days:

NOTE: Metadata processing and signing will occur at the regular time on December 29–30, 2014 only!

See the published InCommon Hours of Operation for more information.

You may want to add these items to your holiday shopping list   (smile)

  1. Learn more about the Research & Scholarship Category
    1. Information for SP owners wishing to apply for R&S
    2. Information for IdP operators intending to support R&S
  2. Learn more about the new Hide From Discovery Category
    1. IdP operators self-assert the hide-from-discovery entity attribute by sending email to
    2. SP owners configure SPs to filter IdPs on the discovery interface based on the hide-from-discovery entity attribute in IdP metadata
  3. Participate in the Per-Entity Metadata Pilot
    1. Shib SP 2.4 (or later) and Shib IdP 3.0 (or later) support the Metadata Query Protocol
  4. Configure your test SPs (and your test IdP if you have one) to consume the preview aggregate, one of three production Metadata Aggregates
  5. Fully support SAML V2.0
    1. All IdP deployments expose a TLS-protected <md:SingleSignOnService> endpoint that supports the SAML V2.0 HTTP-Redirect binding
    2. All SP deployments expose a TLS-protected <md:AssertionConsumerService> endpoint that supports the SAML V2.0 HTTP-POST binding
  6. Re-evaluate the need for Back-channel SAML Protocols at your IdP
  7. Upgrade your production IdP and SP deployments to the latest supported software releases
    1. Install and test Shib IdP V3 (Shib IdP V3.0.0 was announced on Dec 22, 2014)
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