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The InCommon metadata aggregate is approaching 43MB and continues to grow. To compensate, InCommon Operations will enable HTTP Compression on the metadata server ( as follows:

Friday, April 7: Preview Aggregate (InCommon-metadata-preview.xml)
Tuesday, April 11: IdP-only Aggregate (InCommon-metadata-idp-only.xml)

The remaining metadata aggregates (including the main production aggregate) will be enabled for HTTP Compression at a later date TBD.

There is nothing you need to do to realize the benefits of HTTP Compression. On or after the above date, if you are consuming either the Preview Aggregate or the IdP-only Aggregate, you may observe reduced bandwidth use and decreased download time during metadata refresh. This is especially true of the Preview Aggregate, which is just 8MB compressed.

The client and the server negotiate compression automatically. The server will send a compressed metadata aggregate if (and only if) your metadata client indicates support for compression in the HTTP request. Check your client software documentation for details.

If you have any concerns or experience any issues, please contact us at

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