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  • MD WG Meeting 2013-11-07
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Present: Ian, John, Tom, Scott,

Focus of the call:
1. Making operational recommendations and actions from Phase 1
2. Identity Week discussion
3. Next steps for the working group

1. Operations and Phase 1 Implementation Plan

Gathered feedback on additional requirements outlined in the plan, above, and discussed service expectation plans for the additional metadata aggregates: production, fallback, and preview (as discussed on the last call).

2. Identity Week
Discussed topics and how/whether to introduce components into the week's priorities. For per entity metadata, the group decided to focus effort on describing and launching a pilot, which led to the third topic:

3. Next steps for working group
We discussed addressing the remaining Phase 2 requirements by writing up what this group has learned and proposing next steps in keeping with the expected end date for the group's charter, which is end of December.

One of the recommendations we will distill is the creation of a pilot with requirements and outputs for what we hope to accomplish – online signing with per entity is a direction to explore, and we think the best way to do that is by creating a pilot group to experiment with this.

AI John will produce the md-distro minutes that contain some of the requirements discussed for online signing and per entity metadata piloting, after ID Week is over.

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