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Federated Access to Microsoft's SharePoint Services

This space serves those interested in using a federated SharePoint collaboration service. Of particular interest are methods for accepting authentication and attribute assertions from a variety of identity providers and using those to authorize access to SharePoint collaboration resources.

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is Microsoft's collaboration environment, providing a place for teams to coordinate schedules, organize documents, and participate in discussions. It allows for authoring and managing documents, has communications features, offers tools like blogs and wikis, and integrates with the Microsoft Office suite. You can read more about SharePoint on Microsoft's TechNet.

Use Cases and Plans

We are interested in how you are using SharePoint now, how you plan to use SharePoint in the future, and how you might use federated SharePoint. Please share your information by visiting (and editing) one of the informational pages linked below.

Go to the federated use case page to see basic descriptions of how various institutions plan to use SharePoint to support collaboration. Add your own use case by editing the use case page.

Go to the internal use page to see how IdPs and SPs use SharePoint now -- without federating. Please share your uses of SharePoint.

The Possibilities for Federation page is a place to share how you might use a federated SharePoint instance.

Recipes to Federation

We are interested in methods that IdPs and SPs are considering for implementation of federated SharePoint. Please share your thoughts/plans on the Recipes to Federation page. This page also includes information about authentication, ADFS, and support for forms authentication.


Licensing: The full-fledged SharePoint Server (MOSS) requires per-seat licensing with per-device Client Access Licenses (CALs). So if one begins to provide federated access to a MOSS-based collaboration service, what does that mean for licensing?

Topics of Interest

 We're labeling wiki content to make it easier to find background information on various topics. Feel free to add your own labels and collect them here.

NIH SharePoint Project

SharePoint and ADFS

9Star's ActiveShareFS


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