1. Meet the new committee members
    1. Bernie Gulachek- UMN, VP CIO
    2. Jim Stewart- Utah, CIO
  2. Voting on 2023 "sub"-committee rosters 
    1. Technical Advisory Committee
    2. Community Trust and Assurance Board
  3. Voting on the executive committee
    1. Marc Wallman - Chair
    2. Chris Misra - Vice Chair
    3. Rachana Ananthakrishnan - Secretary
  4. Discussion of Futuresv2 planning group activities AND topics of interest to the committee for 2023
    1. 2022 working document for committee agenda items

Attending: Brad Christ, Christine Miki, Jim Stewart, Ann West, Rachana, Bernie Gulachek, Laura Paglione, Kristi Holmes, Chris Misra, Dave Robinson, 

Regrets: Marc Wallman, Jeremy Livingston

With: Elaine Alejo, Rob Carter, Albert Wu, Steve Zoppi, David Bantz, Keith Wessel


Voting on Sub Committees-   TAC none opposed- all passed.  CTAB none opposed all passed

Voting on Executive committee- All votes passed with none opposed. Research representative will be chosen in January. Steering to propose two candidates to Internet2

Futures v2 Planning group- 

Meetings and notes can be found in the wiki. Next step for early in the year is to do a similar thing for 2023.  Work on a planning exercise to develop a 5 yr roadmap, Ron Kramer will  join the Jan steering call to go over the 5 yr roadmap. Areas of discussion:

     Move to corporate solutions- with open source

     Changes to the browser and how it works- SSO

     Increased need to share services 

     Interest in more user centric identity

     Next steps in identity

The InCommon Community Trust and Assurance Board (CTAB) is asking for InCommon Steering’s endorsement of the actions and schedule in their report. The Baseline Expectations Plan was approved by email on November 22, 2022.  This week 33 entities will have their metadata removed by mutual agreement. The InCommon Baseline Expectations 2 Dispute Resolution Closing Actions was shared . The expected outcome of these actions is to transition the InCommon Federation to meet the updated Baseline Expectations 2.0 for Trust in Federation and bring all participants into adherence.

NEXT STEPS:  CTAB will revisit/ follow up on the outstanding BE2 activities in February 2023:

Continue to work with entities only missing SIRTFI acknowledgement

Entities with "B" or missing encryption scores

Newly surfaced entities with insufficient encryption scores

All of this came out of community conversations to increase the value.  The dispute resolution process document was shared with the group

David R asked  about RFPs and Albert responded besides commercial , depending on the size of the RFP the companies financial health becomes part of the scoring, with every university there is always a way to argue for sourcing. Might be some ways we can help with that.

Discussion on  RFPs being broader than the single TAP component. If someone is just looking for a demo of one of the components - where would they go? The RFP process today is a mix-and-match of tools.  RFPs can be time-consuming making it less likely for a response to include a TAP component, so institutions might pick a commercial alternative.  Service providers  live and die by RFPs- so giving visibility to piggy/backing opportunities helps overcome that.

There is a need to focus on the brand positioning and this would be a good topic to have with RENSAC. 

Kristi Holmes reported that they are collaborating with different groups and data management mandate will be coming out the end of January. They are actively involved in this workshop.

It was suggested that maybe we can provide guidelines / guidance for breaking down the RFPs into smaller components, both to better match the TAP components, but also to reduce the likelihood of  significantly exceeding RFP thresholds, others agreed

It was mentioned that  TAP is not a product it is a collection of solutions, and we are not vendors. There is opportunity to use other convening bodies to position ourselves differently.   

Next Meeting : Jan 9, 2023

  • Meeting adjourned 

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