Baseline Expectations V2 office hours

Tuesday, Oct 26, 2021


  • Several community members  

   CTAB and Internet2 staff:

  • David Bantz, U. Alaska
  • Brett Beiber, U. Nebraska
  • Andy Morgan, Oregon State U
  • Eric Goodman, UCOP
  • Albert Wu, Internet2
  • Tom Barton, Internet2
  • Richard Frovarp, North Dakota State U


  • Do I need to worry about unpublished (offline) data for BEv2?
  • Answer: no, you do not need to worry about that.  InCommon only looks at published metadata

  • Comment: Need info on the BEv2 requirements  
  • Brett provided a summary of BEv2 requirements, making reference to the wiki 

  • Issue:  CIO gets the emails from InCommon, and we can't get into anything without going through the CIO
  • Question: Can there be multiple users for InCommon ?
  • Albert: InCommon federation allows two roles  (InCommon Executive and Site Admins) and up to three individuals. Albert can help with providing more info  on getting the roles straightened out.

  • Two other organizations represented on the call also stated they need to update their InCommon roles/contacts info

  • Question, what is the timeframe for BEv2?
  • Answer: we hope all participants meet the BEv2 expectations by end of 2021, see wiki for a list of key dates

  • Question: Are SPs we deal with outside of InCommon in scope?  
  • Answer: InCommon is  looking at entities registered in InCommon; but BEv2 provide guidelines for good practice in all cases

  • Question: How often is the adherence by organization wiki page refreshed?
  • Answer: weekly on Mondays, with data from Friday
  • Suggestion to add the info on when updated, to the page. Albert will do this

  • Question: we got an email saying we are not meeting BEv2, how do I find out which requirements we are not meeting?
  • Answer: Site Admin can see this on the dashboard

  • Brett: the REFEDs Metadata Explorer tool can be helpful.
  • Question: does InCommon provide help to organizations in meeting SIRTFI?
  • TomB provided background on SIRTFI
    • Tom and Brett mentioned the plans for SIRTFI tabletop exercises in the future

  • Comment: the secured endpoints requirement is a common sense security requirement. It's helpful to present it that way to management

  • Question: Hope to become compliant with BE. Can I talk with someone one to one if needed?
  • Answer: Yes, you can contact Albert

  • Thanks to everyone who joined this call.


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