CTAB Tuesday March 10, 2020


  • David Bantz, University of Alaska (chair)  
  • Mary Catherine Martinez, InnoSoft (vice chair)  
  • Pål Axelsson, SUNET
  • Rachana Ananthakrishnan, Globus, University of Chicago   
  • Tom Barton, University Chicago and Internet2, ex-officio  
  • Ercan Elibol, Florida Polytechnic University  

  • Richard Frovarp,  North Dakota State  

  • John Pfeifer, University of Maryland   
  • Chris Whalen, Research Data and Communication Technologies  
  • Ann West, Internet2
  • Albert Wu, Internet2  
  • Jessica Coltrin, Internet2
  • Kevin Morooney, Internet2


  • Eric Goodman, UCOP - TAC Representative to CTAB 
  • Chris Hable, University of Michigan

  • Jule Ziegler,  Leibniz Supercomputing Centre

  • Robert Zybeck, Portland Community College
  • Brett Bieber, University of Nebraska
  • Jon Miner, University of Wisc - Madison 
  • Brad Christ, Eastern Washington University, InCommon Steering Representative to CTAB, ex-officio 
  • Emily Eisbruch, Internet2


  1.   I2 IP notice (https://www.internet2.edu/media_files/3161)
  2. Agenda Bash
  3. Poll on events (Chris Whalen) - deferred
  4. Initial responses to BE 2 CCP
  5. errorURL working group update ( Pål )
  6. REFEDS Baseline WG update ( Pål /Albert)
  7. Wiki tour (Albert)
  8. Gantt chart for BE 2 ? (need volunteer)
  9. “Office hours” - CTAB  live online -  for BE 2?
  10. Discussion on next steps / WG for:
    R&S and possible other entity categories


Poll on events (Chris Whalen)

  • This may have changed due to recent events, planning to redo this once everything calms down.

Initial responses to Baseline Expectations 2 Call for Participation

  • Concern that there may not be enough excitement around BE2, slow participation in signup on the mailing list
  • Total of 8 people on the list (Albert is 2 of them), response is not overwhelming
  • Some folks aren’t getting emails from InCommon participants list, it’s getting flagged as spam, something about wording or formatting is triggering spam
  • Richard Frovarp confirmed that David’s email failed DKIM/DMARK because it failed the spoofing check
  • We should consider communicating with other outlets, Internet2 blogs, social media
  • Invitation was just sent to InCommon participants list, Rachana hasn’t seen anything about it all (may not be on participants’ list)
  • listserv altered the header, may be better with an internet2.edu email list
  • This may stifle participation on the list, if folks run into the same problem David did
  • Maybe use Slack? No, we need an archive and Slack wouldn’t do that
  • We need a way to stimulate greater participation, something to all working groups and governance groups
  • We can add to the Newsletter, the InCommon website, the Internet2 website, social media, Educause IdM list, Educause Security list, talk to Dana about research-focused lists
  • Also consider who shows up, if we don’t get enough representation for the community to be well-represented
  • Ask individuals to send this out for us, for smaller schools we have folks that can send out to those lists, same with research, look at who we want to reach and leverage all of our contacts to do this
  • Maybe the librarian community, but they may be more interested in seamless access
  • Next steps:
    • Ann or Albert will reformat & resend to the participants list today
    • Send any failed email error messages to Albert & he’ll follow up with I2 tech support
    • Check that Rachana is on the participants list
    • Send to REFEDS organizations
    • Albert will follow up with Internet2 tech support to get this fixed ASAP based on Richard’s email
    • Ann & Albert will coordinate getting out to the lists they know about, everyone else should get the word out as well
    • Albert & David will review other outlets for communication

errorURL working group update (Pål)

REFEDS Baseline WG update (Pål/Albert)

  • Have discussed everything Idp, SP, and now looking at federation
  • Looking at InCommon work, love it, but need to make it more internationalized & high level
  • Hardest is where IdP must be trusted within its own organization
  • Only 2 federation represented: SWAMID and InCommon, need involvement for more federations
  • Possible to do for REFEDs, next is eduGain
  • Some of InCommon baseline statements assumes protocol, need to ensure in the future that we aren’t tied to specific protocols to ensure baseline is flexible and extensible, i.e. SAML-specific metadata
  • More representation of those who are accountable to implementing
  • Only have discussion notes, require meeting context
  • Next step is writing documentation
  • Pål will put in link to the notes

Wiki tour (Albert)

  • Baseline Expectations wiki: https://spaces.at.internet2.edu/display/BE  
  • demo of content changes and new plugin for content management & publishing
  • Everyone on CTAB has edit access to the wiki, the plugin will affect you if you edit
  • Plan is as the project moves forward, we use the wiki as the launchpad for all the details
  • None of this is final, we can edit and add to it 
  • All content from BE v1 is moved to different area in the wiki
  • If you plan to do editing, reach out to Albert to ensure that you are working with the versions appropriately
  • Goal is to help folks follow along with the discussion without being on the mailing list, right now it’s not clear how one would do that
  • Right now it shows where we’re at
  • Once we’re ready, we would move the existing content to a sub-page, replace home page with a timeline and updates on where we are in the process, calendar of events for “office hours”
  • First goal is to get more people on the email list & involved

Gantt chart for BE 2 ? (need volunteer)

  • One was created for BE v1, https://spaces.at.internet2.edu/display/BE/.Baseline+Processes+Roadmap+v1.0  
  • When should we create this? We need to walk through the Community Consensus process before we create a Gantt chart
  • We should definitely have one, but after we have consensus, this will help work out how all involved will coordinate
  • Last time we had a lot more to set up, now we have it & can utilize it
  • Decision: it’s premature to do this now, we will do this after consensus process is complete

“Office hours” - CTAB  live online - for Baseline Expectations v2?

  • Let’s go back to getting the word out before we start talking about office hours

Discussion on next steps / Working Group for:

  • REFEDS/profile/MFA
  • R&S and possible other entity categories
  • Decision: Tabled for lack of time, please put on top of the agenda for next meeting

Next CTAB Call: Tuesday March 24, 2020

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