• Mary Catherine Martinez, InnoSoft (chair)  

  • Brett Bieber, University of Nebraska  

  • David Bantz, University of Alaska  

  • Tom Barton, University Chicago and Internet2  

  • Jon Miner, University of Wisc - Madison

  • Chris Whalen, Research Data and Communication Technologies

  • John Hover, Brookhaven National Lab

  • John Pfeifer, University of Maryland  

  • Rachana Ananthakrishnan, Globus, University of Chicago

  • Albert Wu, Internet2  

  • Emily Eisbruch, Internet2   


  • Adam Lewenberg, Stanford

  • Chris Hable, University of Michigan

  • Ann West, Internet2

Action Items from this call


Membership update from Steering

  1. Steering approved the CTAB slate, welcome and congratulations

  2. Officially reach out to new members - welcome and officially update calendar invite and committee material access

No face-to-face CTAB meeting at Global Summit

  • An informal get together may be of interest

Baseline Expectations Docket  

  •  Assignments, updates, and next steps

    • Albert provided assignments to CTAB members for outreach to orgs that have not responded to previous Baseline Expectations outreach

    • Averaged about 2 orgs per CTAB member for this outreach

    • Just shy of 20 organizations

    • Most of the entities left to meet BE are sponsored partners 

    • Will be helpful to inform the sponsoring organization
    • Albert will do some outreach on the Net+ side.

    • Some responses have been received

    • Good progress

    • One org will be withdrawing from InCommon

      • Perhaps a different label from “resolved” is best for an org leaving InCommon

    • There are samples in the doc of emails that were used to do the outreach to those not  yet meeting Baseline Expectations

    • Best to use the wiki as place to track activities

    • Idea of tracking, thru discovery service, which institutions are interacting with the sponsored partner. But most not using WAVE anymore.

    • Next Steps:

      • Albert will make next round of assignments to CTAB members.

      • Albert will check thru Internet2 on Sponsored Partners and on the billing side

  • Baseline Expectations survey going out soon

    • Please send feedback on the proposed survey to Dean by 2/7

    • It's necessary to take the survey to assess it

    • Q: was the roadmap discussion around priorities included in some of the survey questions?  

    • A: The survey does not specifically ask about next priorities, but it mentions there will be recurring work and asks about the cycle times.

CTAB 2019 Roadmap

    • It was noted that there are concerns about enforcing MFA as part of baseline.

    • Some orgs have already implemented MFA , but perhaps not the REFEDS MFA profile, don’t want to make things hard for orgs in that position

    • Could provide a long lead time to comply, perhaps until Dec 2021

    • Suggestion to provide more time to early adopters  (orgs already doing this by earlier means)

      • Create two cohorts regarding MFA and treat them separately

    • Suggestion to use consensus phase to conduct a survey to find out if you have implemented MFA and if CTAB moved forward with profile including MFA, how much work would that be

    • Concern that non Shib IDPs cannot comply easily with REFEDs MFA profile

      • Also Shibboleth IDP before v3.3 cannot assert REFEDS MFA profile

    • U Wisc uses reverse proxy that can sort for MFA issue

    • Authentication context class can be used to handle the MFA profile, but we should get an expert to provide more details

    • Concerns around SIRTFI and Baseline Expectations. TomB noted in the past sometimes a security person would look at the specs in the SIRTFI doc and think of the most extreme and perfect implementation even though the spec has some flexibility.

    • [AI] David Bantz share with TomB, Albert and ChrisW some concerns around Error URL in  proposed deployment profile -  

    •   Rachana: from SP perspective, having a page with contact information is an important helpful step

    • [AI]  Albert reach out to get general feedback on proposed CTAB roadmap from InCommon staff. Albert will ask for input  while stating this roadmap is still in flux.

    • TomB will also share some of the CTAB roadmap work at TIIME in Vienna.

    • Process for the CTAB Roadmap and work plan.  

      • CTAB will want to share the proposed CTAB roadmap  / work plan with InCommon staff.

      • Will also want to share with CACTI and InCommon TAC

  • Check in with T&I teams to gauge implementation difficulty and potential scheduling conflicts

Next CTAB Call : Wed. Feb 20, 2019

  • Feb 13 CTAB call is cancelled


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